LCAW – Man in the Moon (music video)
Animated music video, mixed techniques (stop motion, paint, 2D, 3D)
The Moon suddenly falls off the sky. Our two heroes go on a surreal hunt to capture it. After a few attempts they will need to use the power of love to fix things!
Director: Tomek Ducki
Character Design: Weronika Banasińska
2D Animation: Joanna Wójcik
Post Production: Paweł Kamykowski
3D Animation: Przesmysław Świda
Painted Animation: Weronika Fleszar
Photography: Katarzyna Zolich
Music video by LCAW performing Man in the Moon. 
(C) 2017 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH / Ultra Records LLC

LCAW Man in the Moon
Man in the Moon Lcaw
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