Łaźnia - Baths 2013
Animated short, mixed techniques; 4 min, HD
„The film takes us into the murky waters of fantasy. With a cool kind of magic, this delicately stylized film draws us into various layers of reality, as we plunge from silent melancholia into the graphic frenzy of competitive sports, where everything is turned upside down. The notion of the flipside of reality is taken literally here, to mesmerizing effect.“ (Jury's statement, Fantoche 2013)
© Studio Miniatur Filmowych Sp. z o.o.
Peek & Boo
Polish Film Institute
Director, Writer, Designer, Animator: Tomek Ducki
Animation assistant, Director of Photography: Katarzyna Zolich
Composer and Sound Designer: Jean-Marc Petsas
Sound re-recording: Michał Fojcik
Producer: Włodzimierz Matuszewski
Executive Producer: Ewelina Gordziejuk
Coproducer: Kurban Kassam
Thanks: Caroline Bruckner, Paul Bush, Ola & Eddie, Jussi Honka, Eugeniusz Gordziejuk
A Polish Film Institute Co-finansed production, General Director: Agnieszka Odorowicz
**Best Short Film (5min), Cinanima 2013**
**Best Visuals, Fantoche 2013**
**Winner, International Competition, Animatricks, Finland 2014**
**1st place, Animation, Befilm NY 2014**
**Special Mention, Krakow Film Festival 2014**
**Special Mention, Animafest Zagreb 2014**
**Session winner, Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014**
**Best Music, Animator Poznan 2014**
**Special Mention, Cyprus Animafest 2014**
**Winner, International Competition, Animasivo, Mexico 2014**
**Grand Prix, Anibar, Kosovo 2014**
**Special International Jury Prize, Hiroshima 2014**
**Best Art Prize, Animage, Brazil 2014**
**Grand Prix, Balkanima, Serbia 2014**
**Audience Award, CinEast, Luxembourg 2014**
**Special Mention, Banja Luka IAFF 2014**
**Special Mention, Primanima 2014**
**Best Animation, Interfilm Berlin**
**Special Mention, Leeds International Film Festival 2014**
**Mikeldi de oro de animación, Zinebi Film Festival 2014**
**Special Mention, Anilogue, 2014**
**Jury Grand Prize, Short Short Story Film Festival, Rhode Island, USA**
**Best Scenario, International Animation Festival, Egypt 2015**
**Jury Award Best Animated Short, Newport Beach Film Festival, USA, 2015**
**Jury Special Mention, International Short Film Festival Tabor, Croatia, 2015**
**Grand Prix, KAFF, Hungary, 2015**
**Film critic's prize, KAFF, Hungary, 2015**
**Red Box Award, Bluebox Festiwal, Poland, 2015**
**Best Film in category, KROK Film Festival, Russia, 2015**
**Grand Prix, Ofafa, Krakow, Poland, 2015**

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