animated video for Daydreamer by Bipolar Sunshine
(mixed techniques> clay, painting, 2D&3D)
article on Dezeen:
Animation Team:
director & artdirector: Tomek Ducki
3d animation & modelling: Przemysław Świda
clay animation & design: Gina Thorstensen
2d animation & character design: Weronika Banasińska
2d animation: Paweł Garbacz
painted animation & patterns: Weronika Fleszar
commissioner: Hanan Cher
special thanks for help in managing & renting & logistics:
Katarzyna Zolich, Toto Castiglione, Jérémie Dubois, Goga Trojanowska
©2014 The Aesthetic Recordings / Polydor, a division of Universal Music Group Ltd
Creative and production notes:
The project was heavily inspired by the Eatern-European poster design of the 80's & the style of Bipolar Sunshine videos.
Animation technique was a mix of painting, clay, drawn animation and CGI, processed together in postproduction. The idea was to give movements and depth for poster like compositions, and make a combination of shots which are connected by different themes: movements, lines, characters and textures. Each shot could exist almost as a loopable artwork on its own.
Production took place in two small studios, Berlin and Krakow, rest of the team worked remotely, Warsaw, Budapest and Paris. This is what I call an international production.
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