Don't You Want Me (in development)
Animation, Character Design, Film
Animated Series in Development
NoLabel Poland
Peen and Boo UK
  • Don't You Want Me = an animated series in development
    An unfiltered exploration of couples intimacy seen from the candid look of animated domestic animals
    Don’t you want me offers an unfiltered exploration of intimacy of three couples as they navigate critical periods in their lives. Seen from the magnifying glass of animated animals embodying human beings, this series aims at examining the moments – both significant and everyday- that form the basis of each relationship. Capturing the complexity of contemporary couples rearing in the 21st century, Don’t you want me has a realist, bold, immediate tone combined with off beat, sometimes awkward notes highlighted by minimalistic animation.
  • The project is currently in development.
    Tv series 13 x 5min
    Audience 16 and above
    Original script: Jeremie Dubois
    Director: Tomek Ducki
    Producer: Piotr Szczepanowicz, Krzysztof Hrycak (Nolabel, Poland)
    Co-Producer: Kurban Kassam (Peek & Boo, UK)
    Music: Jean-Marc Petsas
  •  Some pictures from the upcoming pilot: