Festival Animator - trailer
Animation, Character Design, Music
trailer for Animator Festival
  • Trailer and festival design for Festival Animator in Poznań, 2014 edition
    Design: Tomek Ducki
    Composer: Jean-Marc Petsas
    Violinist: Lizz Lipscombe
    Animation: Tomek Ducki, Katarzyna Zolich
    The festival has a strong focus on music in animation and the trailer was based on improvisation sessions of music and animation. Thanks the organizes for their patience! 
    All the animation was created at a farm near Bogoria, Poland. The wood appearing in the animation was intended to be used for heating and cooking purposes, so no plant was hurt for the sake of the animation, rather it was recycled as "garbage-animation".
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    (making of by photos by Katarzyna Zolich and official photos from festival made by K Pictures)
  • And some pictures from the "making of" zin: